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Brick Lane Smells of Old People

Fri Feb 20, 2015, 3:04 PM

So we've spent a lot of time looking after our neighbour's puppy* Chester and Hircine's wings are a little oedema'd but not as bad as we were worried about last time so he's on medication again and we did a pantomime for college and it was fucking hilarious and probably should have had an essay about it and now we have to organise an event and so far I've had three nightmares about it (I don't have imaginative dreams or nightmares; I dream about toast and sexual encounters, and I have nightmares about homework and forgetting lines on-stage) and everyone is a tad stressed about that and a couple of weeks ago we organised a Harry Potter night at the library which was awesome although I was only there for the great feast because for the whole thing the kids were basically doing activities to build a map which led them to the dungeons to free Sirius Black and guess who played the most awesome Sirius Black everrr and also had a lot of fun (too much fun) with matches making a burnt-up t-shirt and I now have an awesome big black coat which I used again for Disney Day at college the next day because I went as Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet and I looked awesome but I was literally the only person that didn't get an official photo taken of them (a lot of failing to be in the right place at the right time) so I didn't get entered for Best Costume even though mine was a labour of adorable love involving hand-made felt ears and a top hat and a waistcoat and the Best Costume winner was, admittedly, an actual awesome Captain Jack Sparrow, and one of the runners-up was a heterosexual male (C-is) dressed as Elsa from Frozen, although the other runner-up was a shitty store-bought pumpkin suit and I was definitely better than that but at least I'm not as bitchy about it as S-ah because, as you may have guessed from just that last ten seconds of monologue, I do love S-ah as S-ah is from my Performing Arts class and is a 5'10" elegant beautiful thing who constantly flicks hair and achieves and has ambitions and good on her, no hate for natural talent, but she could try to do it without telling people that they're worthless pieces of shit and laughing sneerily and openly when one girl started to cry about an unrelated issue and, you know, bitching about C-is for winning runner-up because "HIS COSTUME WAS SO SHIT ANYWAY I MEAN UGH" so yes this is fun - one day A-le came up to me looking really worried and asked if I was okay and I was like :) :? and she kind of asked "Did you... Hear what they were saying about you...?" and I was like "Lol nah" and she looked so relieved but also kind of close to tears and she wouldn't mention who had been saying what and I think she already felt kind of bad for bringing it to my attention because she'd come to comfort and thought I already knew but let's just say there are three cliques in Performing Arts, I was within earshot of two of them, and li'l 5'10" hair-flicking ring-leader of the other refused to meet my eye for three days so I legitimately had some hella' fun pissing around being really friendly and clueless to her for a couple of days, and anyway heterosexual cisgender male C-is deserved that forreal because at lunch they started to play Disney songs in the Hub and it was kind of heart-warming because we're usually not allowed to play anything even though there's literally a massive screen and soundspeaker system like they only even put the news on when official people come to visit but because it was Disney Day someone hacked the Annunciator (that's what the screen's called) and started to play a Disney soundtrack and there was Lion King and Tarzan and Aladdin and Toy Story and I was like "If they play Frozen I bet you a packet o' Walkers every single person gets up and joins in" and actually a lot of people sung along to the famous other Disney songs too, and then Let it Go started and there were screams and laughs and every student and teacher in that Goddamn Hub started to sing and then suddenly someone screamed "WHERE'S C-IS!?" and S-on sprinted out and as the first verse reached its conclusion we were all stood, frantically searching the crowd for C-is-- WHO DESCENDED THE STAIRS IN THE MOST NOBLE OF DANCES AS THE CHORUS RUNG OUT and basically that was fucking awesome and actually since then C-is seems to be a little less cis and I s2g if dressing up as Elsa for a day has helped them discover something about themselves bricks will be shat - and then it was half-term and I've been trying to pin down J-sh and S-eb for weeks whilst assuming that Erin will be available, for a film night with The Breakfast Club and Sixth Sense and shit like that, because J-sh has a busy rich-people calendar and S-eb does like church and shit a lot of the time and Erin has a social life called Rao and then J-SH WAS AVAILABLE OVER HALF-TERM and then S-EB WAS AVAILABLE OVER HALF-TERM and then GUESS WHICH MOTHERFUCKER DECIDED TO GO TO FRANCE OVER HALF-TERM so our movie night which has been in the works since November is still in the planning stages so you know this shit better be worth it, but anyway I'm at my dad's at the moment for the end of half-term although from last Thursday 'til Tuesday I was in the house on my own and surprisingly enough everything stayed clean and didn't burn down and nothing died because I am, in fact, a functioning capable human being and only fuck up when being held to impossible standards like, you know, literally no-one has ever achieved before so, you know, on my own I did a lot better but heyyy teenagers could never cope on their own or anything, and then I had a nice relaxing single train journey down to Euston and a less relaxing escapade on the underground in London and then I've had a few days at my dad's and I go back tomorrow, but only after visiting Brick Lane for V-ky, who wanted to see all the retro shops there, however we got lost on the underground for a couple of hours which was nice and then it turns out that most of Brick Lane is run-down restaurants and a drug den primary school with one or two retro shops and by retro shops I mean big brick buildings filled with hipsters and fedoras and over-priced second-hand clothes and the coffee was a bit shit and in conclusion don't bother with Brick Lane although there was an interesting protest going on in a field, although they didn't make it entirely clear what they were protesting for; I feel that's something of an important aspect in a protest - speaking of which, in a couple of weeks Feminist Society has to present to the local school board petitioning for inclusive and unbiased LGBT+ education in secondary schools and I'm kind of shitting it but also very excited so wish us all luck s'il vous plait :heart:

* puppy


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