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You don't have to COMMENT on my work;
you don't have to
you don't even have to
LOOK at my gallery;
but every
VIEWING means that people are INTERESTED, and every FAVOURITE proves that people LIKE it, and every COMMENT shows that you CARE...
It's not an order. It's a request.

Respect my work. It's got every part of me in it.



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tested and proven, every one of them



Gerbils Can Fly

Rao has proved this conclusively.


Actors Have More Destructive Power Than Gerbils

I have seen a gerbil chew through a cardboard box in twenty seconds.
I have seen an actor chew through a wooden table in twenty minutes.


Actors Make Excellent Mathematicians

Simple maths is simple - 2 + 2 = 4, not hard, anyone can do it. But complex maths requires thought and ingenuity and sometimes a bit of sideways thinking, and actors are paid for sideways thinking. They may struggle with 360 x 876, but rather than struggle it out sticking to the ways they were taught in school, they'll very cleverly find a different way to do it.
Therefore, actors make excellent mathematicians.


Actors Cannot Lie

But that's the whole purpose of their career, right? They spend most of their days lying professionally? Exactly. They lie theatrically. When they start to lie, they put themselves into their 'acting stance', which is very different from a realistic truth-telling stance. They could never, therefore, be politicians.


Actors and Gerbils Are Very Fussy

In the theatre I will make ten brews. One of them will be tea with the teabag in for precisely nine seconds, another will be two-thirds goat milk one-third cow milk, another will be only half-filled, another will be one and a half teaspoons of sugar, one will be stirred with a plastic spoon; one will be coffee with the sweetener stirred in clockwise, one will have had the water left to cool for six minutes after boiling, one will be extra-strong and extra-milky, another will be with filtered water; and one will be warm Ribena with a touch of Lemsip.
When I get home, I will carefully measure out exactly 20g of specially-formulated gerbil food, ensuring that the bowl is on the exact angle that minimises clanging during feeding, and bury the yellow flakes two and a half inches under the sawdust, remove the brown sticks, and bite the peanuts in half in order to crack the shell.
They are equally high-maintenance, however by ratio of body-weight to effort-of-feeding, gerbils come out higher.


Gerbils Seize Vindictively

Or at least, Rao's gerbil seized vindictively. Every time Rao ignored her, if banging on the bars and thumping her feet on the dust and squeaking angrily at her didn't work, she would throw herself down and seize. Admittedly actors do make a fuss if they are ignored, however none of them has seized just to get a cup of tea before.


No Time Before 9am Exists For Actors

It is well-established that no time before 9am contains actors. This time exists in a dimension outside of that which actors inhabit; it is impossible for them and that period of time to cohabit. Any attempts to force actors to be present at a theatre or set before this time could have disastrous consequences, including but not limited to minor seizures, a relapse into coffee-driven narcolepsy, and spontaneous combustion. Any good director knows this, and will not try to force the two dimensions to collide; any bad director will learn this soon, to their cost.


This Essay Was Originally About Actors, Until Rao Realised She Couldn't Think of Ten Facts About Actors

She also just got new gerbils.


Approximately 40% of Gerbils is Epileptic

This means that, statistically, Rao has a muchly high chance that one of her new gerbils is epileptic. She is not sure she can cope, after the last one.


It is Hard To Tell Which Are More Difficult to Take Care of

Gerbils: require feeding twice a day; may seize vindictively; have a 40% chance of being epileptic; can fly up bookcases; bang and chew and squeak all night; hold arguments with you; require their nuts to be cracked open; need to be exercised several times a week; cannot be left out on the floor for very long.
Actors: require feeding every few hours; may forget their lines vindictively; have a very high chance of being epileptic, asthmatic, low in blood pressure, high in blood pressure, or hypochondriatic; can jump over stages; chew the furniture when bored; may sing at or attempt to dance with you; require their tea, coffee or Ribena-with-Lemsip to be made to an exact degree of specification; need to be exercised several times a day; cannot be left on their own for very long.
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